Growing our own!


What is Incredible Edibles ?

Incredible Edibles is a unique community garden based within the property, available to everyone that stays with PREMIER SUITES.  Full of fresh, home grown herbs and in some cases salad and vegetables too! Available for you to pick and eat.

Why was Incredible Edibles started?

We wanted to create a fun and individual way to enhance your stay and at the same time develop the relationships with have with you.  Food is a great way to bring people together! Bring home life a little closer is very important to us and offering a pick your own garden is just one of the many ways we aim do this.

Where will I find Incredible Edibles?

Incredible Edible is available in every PREMIER SUITES reception area and in some locations additional gardens are available for you to explore.  The garden locations will be highlighted on your welcome letter provided on arrival.